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Lois Lepisto

Lois J. Lepisto Photography

Lebanon, ME


Ever since I can remember, I've been an "artist". I loved to color as a kid and spent endless hours on Gram's front porch carefully coloring every page in probably a million coloring books. Creating "collages" of magazine pictures was another cherished activity. Then one day my Uncle gave me the most wonderful gift - a wooden box full of oil paints, brushes, canvases, and supplies. I immediately started painting, eventually developing my my own style. Later, I dabbled in watercolors and pastels, and charcoals.

I've also always had a camera - I think my first one was a Brownie - now I'm shooting with a SonyA200 and it never leaves my side. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Leave a comment if you stop by, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for looking!! Peace.


Stairway to the Bells


The Bells


Early Summer in NH


Bell Tower


Back of the Boathouse


Pickity Tree


Old Meets New


San Juan view


Harbor in San Juan


San Juan View


San Cristobal 3


Beautiful neglect




Doors on the balcony


One red flower


St. Thomas Post Office


El Yunique Rainforest 2


Rainforest Tree


Rainforest Beauty


El Yunique Rainforest 1


The Bench


View from San Cristobal


Tunnel in San Cristobal


San Cristobal


Clouds over San Cristobal